Delorme Inreach

wp-image-1933080382jpg.jpgThe Delorme Inreach Explorer a GPS unit and satellite communicator allows you to know and communicate your location along with your current status no matter where you are in the world. It is simple to set up and relatively inexpensive for the security that it offers. Overlanding travel often puts you outside of cell reception. The Explorer offers an option to communicate with your friends and family, and if the occasion ever arises that you are in an emergency situation, the push of one button puts you in contact with local emergency first responders. The peace of mind that this device offers is well worth the investment.

wp-image-439593579jpg.jpgMark important locations with waypoints and navigate a route to your waypoint or back to where you started. The Explorer also lets you view key trip statistics and detailed track logging, as well as plan your route and waypoints ahead of time; you can even share your experiences with your friends and family using a feature known as MapShare.

You can create or view routes, use the built-in digital compass. Using the barometric altimeter and accelerometer sensors you can access your elevation, speed, and moving average

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