Death Valley 2016 -(Day 3) The Racetrack, Lost Burro Mine and Hunter Mountain

Homestake Camp
Homestake Camp

Our camp was so enjoyable at Homestake that the idea of getting an early start quickly turned into enjoying the morning view. We Hiked to the top of the ridge west of our camp where we were able to overlook the Saline Valley and Lippincott Road where we had come from the previous day.

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Death Valley 2016 (Day 2) – Eureka Dunes to Homestake Camp 

The trip from Eureka Dunes to Homestake Camp began with the sun rising over the Last Chance Range illuminating the dunes and revealing their sinuous shapes. The ground at the base of the dunes, the location of our previous nights camp, was still warm from the prior day’s heat.

Our journey for the day would take us from Eureka Dunes up Steel Pass and through the narrow rocky ledge steps of Dedeckera Canyon and down the warm spring lined Saline Valley to Lippincott Road. Lippincott road is a steep and narrow shelf road that climbs to the Lippincott Mine area and connects to Racetrack Road in Racetrack Valley. Sixty plus off-road miles later we would arrive at our camp for the night at Homestake Camp.


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Death Valley 2016 -(Day 1) Big Pine to Eureka Dunes 


Our recent Death Valley Trip began after spending a few days in Yosemite Valley. Our first destination was Eureka Dunes in Death Valley National Park. Heading up Hwy 120 through the high country of Yosemite NP and over the Tioga pass. Then plummeting down to Hwy 395 we were on our way to Amigo’s Mexican Restaurant in Bishop, CA to pick up our dinner to go.

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The Rebuild

Our “New” Truck


We entrusted our 1993 4runner  to Gary Kardum and his crew at Mudrak Custom Cruisers of Sonoma, CA. The rebuild included an entirely rebuilt engine, complete Old Man Emu suspension kit and a total front end rebuild, new OEM clutch, new brakes and upgraded rotors, reconditioned fuel injectors, all new hoses, and belts throughout and a new set of BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO’s.

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A New Beginning


Capitol Reef National Park July 2015


Our 4runner has been a family member since July 4th, 1993. After being carefully reconditioned it was back on the road again in December of 2014. This site will document the recent and many future adventures from our revitalized 1993 4runner. Continue reading “A New Beginning”