Custom Pullout Kitchen

Custom Kitchen
Preparing dinner at Basin and Range National Monument

We designed a custom pullout kitchen for our 4runner. It was designed to store our stove, a cutting board, and ARB fridge. All can be fully extended, individually or as a group, from the truck. The 500 lb rated full extension slides that lock in and out were purchased from Dunn & Watson. When fully extended the stove cantilevers a full 6 feet in front of the lowered tailgate. The 3-foot long cutting board provides a fantastic work surface.

The kitchen was completed and installed just prior to a recent 3-week long adventure through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.  It performed fantastically and while it was the prototype there are only a couple of changes that I would incorporate.  It is very versatile and makes camp set-up and break-down very easy.  Roadside lunches are also a snap.

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  1. I want one of these for my Jeep. Unfortunately, I don’t think I could justify the cost. Maybe if I had more free time on my hands and a little extra cash. I’m looking forward to your review.

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