A New Beginning


Capitol Reef National Park July 2015


Our 4runner has been a family member since July 4th, 1993. After being carefully reconditioned it was back on the road again in December of 2014. This site will document the recent and many future adventures from our revitalized 1993 4runner.

During the trip home from Death Valley National Park in the spring of 2014 we were confronted with the reality of an aging motor that had traveled over 200,000 miles as well as all of the wear and tear that comes with all those miles on the suspension, brakes and steering components and we began to look for a replacement truck. However, that idea did not go over well with our two adult boys who had grown up in the truck. Even though they complain about the lack of leg room and comfort in the rear seat they could not accept the idea of losing this old time friend. So we decided that we would rebuild all of the necessary components for a reliable and safe vehicle that will provide many more years of adventures.

Death Valley Weather

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